• Inductive Proximity Switches
  • Inductive Sensor Strips and Surface Switches
  • Ring Sensors
  • Inductive Analog Sensors
  • Speed Monitoring Systems
  • Capacitive Proximity Switches
  • Piros Hot Metal Detectors (HMDs) with and without fiber optics and water cooling
  • Piros Infrared Pyrometers
  • Piros Light Barriers and Light Grids
  • Flow Sensors
  • Cushioned Sensor Mounts
  • Various accessories for all of the above

Proxitron Information

Proxitron is a global company active in engineering new and innovative solutions for the sensing industry. Their product range includes contactless sensors for the recording of position, temperature, flow and fill level.

Since our founding in 1979, Proxitron GmbH has been developing and producing serious products and application-specific customer solutions for plant manufacturing, mechanical engineering, steel and rolling mills, and the container crane industry.

Proxitron products can also be found under the registered trademarks Piros, ProxiTimer and ProxiTeach.

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